Yamaha Motor IM Europe announces that the new premium modular Σ(Sigma)-F8S has been launched on April 1st, 2016.


The Σ-F8S, a new model of premium modular “Σ” series, is an evolutionary advancement of the Σ-F8. The existing model employs a rotary direct drive head to achieve 150,000 CPH (in optimum conditions), the world’s fastest level. The Σ-F8S achieves an effective 5% tact improvement on average and greater productivity compared to the existing version, and with its improved mounting accuracy this new model is also capable of handling the extremely small-sized 0201 (0.25 x 0.125 mm) chip components.

The new Σ-F8S has been displayed at the 45th INTERNEPCON JAPAN trade show for electronics manufacturing and surface mount technology (SMT) last January 13-15, 2016 in Tokyo.


In recent years, miniaturization, high-densification, high functionality, and diversification as well as shortened product cycles have increasingly accelerated for a variety of products such as consumer electronics, personal computers, and mobile telephones. Along with faster speeds, flexibility in order to efficiently accommodate small-scale varied production up to mass production on the same line is required in electronic component mounting processing for the above types of products.

In response to this, based on the popular high-performance existing model Σ-F8, the newly-developed Σ-F8S premium modular has achieved a new level with the addition of leading-edge technology including a lighter-weight axis drive system and new servo control technology. This new model now has an approximately 5% improved effective tact on average, as well as being capable of handling the extremely small-sized 0201 (0.25x 0.125 mm) chip components.

From mass high-speed production to highly-versatile multi-product capable production comes a complete surface mounter line-up that meets the changing needs of the market. Here, Yamaha Motor takes advantage of its full line-up of surface mounters, solder paste printing equipment, dispensers, and testing systems etc. to achieve improvements in quality and efficiency for production in all types of products through total line-up solutions that build synergies between mounting line Equipment.

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